Greenfinger,  renting a Plot in London

"I live in a Victorian terrace house.. with zero outdoor space, no garden, no balcony, no terrace. 

One of the nicest things that's happened so far having signed up is that it's uncovered this community  that I was never aware existed. I've had family, friends and strangers offer plants and help since getting started.

Just being able to have friends around for dinner, and the food on the table are things that have been grown in the plot is quite an exciting thought."

why get an AllotMe plot...

Drastically Reduce your Carbon Footprint 

The average grocery store bought produce travels 1500 miles - you can cut your food miles drastically by growing your own

Get Tasty, Healthier food

Guarantee great flavour by picking a fresh harvest with your own hands, without the preservatives or harmful chemicals


Save money: up to 30% on groceries

Even with the cost of maintaining your plot taken into account,

you could still save between

£500 -  £1300 per year.

Improve your Mental Health

Spending as little as 2 hours per week gardening has been linked with significant improvements to mental wellbeing


Greenfingers who rent an AllotMe Plot will receive a


AllotMe recommends - Japeto Garden Tools
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How much will it cost?

Prices are set by our Hosts, usually according to our pricing guide depending on the size of their garden. You'll see all the prices before requesting to rent

How long can I rent the space for?

The minimum length for any garden rental is 1 season or 3 months. This means you should have plenty of time to get started and hopefully see some fresh vegetables appear!

How & when can I access the garden?

Every space is different, but each garden will tell you how it accessed before you rent it. You'll be connected with each Host to agree when the best times are to get growing.


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