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Everything you need to grow vegetables and herbs in your own home... 


Grow Organic Veg, without soil or electricity

Meet the GrowPod from AllotMe. The most sustainable way to grow your own  vegetables from any sunny window sill. Making it easy to start seeing the benefits of growing your own food when you don't have a lot of space.


Get everything you need to start growing  your own food at home using 90% less water than traditional methods, without the need for artificial lighting. The GrowPod is a Hydroponic growing method that uses a body of water instead of soil to efficiently help your plants to grow big and often. 

Want to start a veg garden, but don't know where to begin?

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AllotMe founder Conor Gallagher on BBC Radio Ulster with Lynette Fay

AllotMe  in the media

An interview with AllotMe founder Conor Gallagher on BBC Radio Ulster with Lynette Fay talking about  the rise of urban gardening for mental health.

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