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If you have an available garden or outdoor space, simply create a listing and we'll find a local Greenfinger to start growing on it.

You make money, whilst helping others get on a path to sustainable eating.

earn some extra cash

earn money for every month a greenfinger rents it out

have your garden cared for

let someone else give your space a makeover

help cut down food miles

when a local grows food on your plot, it doesn't travel 1500miles

you provide details about your garden like how it's accessed or how big it is...

how it works

renting out your garden with 


Get an idea of how much you could make by renting out your garden to a local greenfinger with our guides below... Remember these are just guides, and you can set the price that's right for your space!


Small garden: Between 10 - 20sqm

(Approx 1 - 2 car parking spaces)


Medium sized garden: Between 20 - 40sqm

(Approx 2.5 - 4 car parking spaces)


Large garden: Between 40 - 60+sqm

(Approx 4.5 - 6  car parking spaces)


Is it free to list my space ?

Yes, it's 100% free to list your space. Only when a local greenfinger is paired with your space do we take a small, pre agreed fee

Can I decide who rents my space?

Yes - when you list your space, you'll be asked if you want to pre-approve new greenfingers. You can exchange messages or meet in person before agreeing to rent your space.

Can I still use my garden?

Yes! Your greenfinger renter will only need to tend to their veg as and when they plant in the areas you allocate for them.

AllotMe How it Works Video - Listing your garden

What it looks like to list your space with AllotMe . . .

is my garden ready to be rented out ?

check some of our recommended Host tools

In South London there are plenty of locals waiting for their own space to grow food:



List your garden or outdoor space with AllotMe so a neighbour can start their own vegetable patch

Earn money for every month a greenfinger rents your garden, whilst improving your local environment and helping to cut food miles

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