How to Re-Wild your Garden and Improve Biodiversity

Wildflowers and insect friendly plants

Even if you don’t have a garden, a window box with flowers to attract bees and butterflies will help biodiversity in your area. Garden centres will usually advertise specific species for this very job. By providing food for pollinators, you’ll help to attract birds and other predators to create a flourishing ecosystem in your garden.

Wildflowers AllotMe Urban Agriculture Rewililding
Wildflower are a great addition to any garden or window box to encourage pollinators in the area

Let your grass grow!

By letting your grass grow for longer periods of time between cutting, you’re providing a safe haven for animals and insects.

If you can, leave one or more sections of your lawn to grow completely wild. This will allow native species of plants to grow such as clovers, which are nectar rich and act as source of food for many pollinators.