• GrowPod

    Grow Salads, Herbs and more: all from your window sill. Grow your own food indoors without soil, or electricity... and using 90% less water!

    What's in the box:

    • Bamboo Composite Container. Colour: White with Bamboo Speckles
    • Bamboo Chip Lid
    • 6 x netted cups (this allows the roots to hang down into the water). Colour: White
    • 6 x rockwool pods (this is the growing medium where the seeds are placed)
    • 100ml nutrient solution (to be added incrementally to the water)
    • Seed pack (your choice of seed selection)
    • Instruction manual to help you get growing!


    Get everything you need to start growing your own food indoors with this all-in-one hydroponics kit.

    Hydroponics is simply the process of growing plants in water instead of soil. By adding a nutrient solution (provided) to the water, you can get much greater yields on the veg your growing!

    Seed Choice 1
    Seed Choice 2

    Unboxing the AllotMe GrowPod

    Hydroponics at Home:

    Learn how the pros grow vegetables in our cities... Without needing a degree in Agronomy.

    Seed Refill Pack

    Seed Refill Pack