GrowPod (2021 Preorder)
  • GrowPod (2021 Preorder)

    DUE TO INCREDIBLE DEMAND, OUR CHRISTMAS STOCK FOR 2020 HAS SOLD OUT.  PLACE YOUR 2021 ORDER NOW TO MAKE SURE YOU DON'T MISS OUT! ORDERS WILL BE FULFILLED JAN-FEB. Grow Salads, Herbs and more: all from your window sill. Grow your own food indoors without soil, or electricity... and using 90% less water!

    What's in the box:

    • Bamboo Composite Container. Colour: White with Bamboo Speckles
    • Bamboo Chip Lid
    • 6 x netted cups (this allows the roots to hang down into the water). Colour: White
    • 6 x rockwool pods (this is the growing medium where the seeds are placed)
    • 100ml nutrient solution (to be added incrementally to the water)
    • Seed pack (your choice of seed selection)
    • Instruction manual to help you get growing!


    Get everything you need to start growing your own food indoors with this all-in-one hydroponics kit.

    Hydroponics is simply the process of growing plants in water instead of soil. By adding a nutrient solution (provided) to the water, you can get much greater yields on the veg your growing!

    Seed Choice 1
    Seed Choice 2

    Unboxing the AllotMe GrowPod

    Hydroponics at Home:

    Learn how the pros grow vegetables in our cities... Without needing a degree in Agronomy.

    Seed Refill Pack

    Seed Refill Pack