get allot more out of your life

- the four 'poles' of allotment gardening -

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Did you know that ninety-five per cent of the fruit and half of the vegetables in Britain are imported? Because we’ve become accustomed to eating seasonal produce all year round, our food travels thousands of miles before reaching our plate.  When you have an allotment, your food only travels as far as you do, giving new meaning to the phrase ‘carbon footprint. ’

Save up to £1000  per year on groceries

Taking into account the amount that it might cost to rent and maintain an allotment, you could still save between £500 - £1200per year, depending on your harvest. At  AllotMe, we want to give more people the opportunity to step towards self-sufficiency. Who says cheap food has to taste bad? ...Not us

Eat healthier from your own plot

Not only will having an allotment give you access to fresh fruit and vegetables, but it’s going to make planning your meals even easier. By eating seasonally, you’ll have the best produce available for each given time of the year. Win - win!

Get to know your local community

At AllotMe, we’re proud of the tradition of allotment holders. Having always allowed local residents to meet each other for the first time, and share in their passion for growing, we want allotments to be a thing of the future, and not the past. Through our interactive platform, we ‘re  bringing the community of the internet age outside and onto allotments!