How it works

  • Create a Free Listing

    Upload photos and share details about your space to attract local Greenfingers

  • Respond to Requests

    Exchange messages and arrange viewings with potential Greenfingers

  • Start Earning Rent

    Start earning a monthly rent once you’ve accepted a Greenfinger’s request

what AllotMe Hosts say about listing their gardens...

  • Go for it - there’s nothing to lose!
    The AllotMe plots have transformed my
    field into a patchwork of plants and
    It’s lovely meeting and chatting to the
    "allotees" :-)

    Stephen B - Bath

  • AllotMe was efficient and straightforward
    to use.
    My Allotmenteer is very knowledgeable.
    We’ve become friends, and swap ideas
    and produce. I've given her cooking
    apples from my tree, and things I've

    Helen W - New Malden

  • My garden was not a place I’ve ever felt
    very attracted to being in because I felt
    guilty about not using it properly,

    But now sitting here, I feel uplifted to see
    that it looks so beautiful.

    Julia J - Billingshurst


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How to List your Garden on AllotMe

Interested in sharing your garden? Check out our start to
finish guide guide on becoming a Garden Host with AllotMe.

Hosting for the
Greener Good

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  • Good for your wallet

    Automated payments to your account for every month that a Greenfinger uses your garden.

  • Good for your garden

    Tired of looking at that overgrown jungle? Let a local greenfinger give your space a makeover that matters.

  • Good for the planet

    When a Greenfinger grows food on your plot, it doesn’t have the carbon footprint of travelling 1,500 miles.

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Garden Guarantee

with AllotMe's Garden Guarantee

Garden Guarantee

To support you in the rare event of an incident, every booking with AllotMe includes damage protection coverage

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Hosting Support Articles

  • Is my garden a good
    fit as an AllotMe Plot?

  • Garden Hosting Best

  • How AllotMe
    safegaurds Hosts

  • How you get paid as
    a Host on AllotMe

Common Questions

  • Can I decide who rents my space?

    Yes! You’re in complete control of who takes up your space as their vegetable plot. You can exchange messages with potential Greenfingers and arrange viewings before you decide.

  • Is it free to list my space?

    Yes, it’s 100% free to list your space. After you’ve accepted the request for a local Greenfinger to start renting out your plot, we’ll pay you each month, minus a small percentage fee.

  • Can I still use my garden?

    Of course - You can arrange for suitable days and times for your Greenfinger to come and tend to their plot. You can also decide how much of your garden will be available as a vegetable plot

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