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the GrowPod

Brings the vegetable 
garden to your window sill


- Evening Standard.



Bought a GrowPod for my new flat & it's great - just added water and left it somewhere sunny. Couldn't believe the results!

- Dr O'Boyle, Glasgow

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Really enjoyed making a basil pesto from my GrowPod harvest, it grew so quickly once it germinated and tasted great.

- Eamon, London

Our Purpose

Over half of the food we eat in the UK is imported from overseas - which equates to roughly 19 million additional tonnes of carbon in our atmosphere. Our mission is to combat this unsustainable food supply by enabling everyday citizens to grow their own food locally. This means making it easy for anyone living in a UK city to be able to grow their own food, even when they don’t have a garden of their own.

We work with local residents, food growing charities and government bodies to help create more spaces for not only food growing, but also to foster community. Although we see localised food production as a positive step in the fight against the climate crisis, we also know the amazing effects that vegetable gardening can have on our communities, as well as our physical health and our mental wellbeing. Our purpose is to make all these benefits available to as many people as possible. 


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Sustainable Agriculture

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By creating more urban vegetable plots for localised food production, we want to help the country move towards to the UN's Sustainability Development Goals. Particularly:

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With the Community

AllotMe was founded upon the belief that 'growing your own' can have a massive impact on not only the environment, but on our communities' physical health and mental wellbeing.

Whether it be working with food growing charities, local governments, or corporations, we want to provide more opportunities for food growing in our communities. See below to learn more about how you can have an impact.


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